Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Hey Abbot!

What sort of scheduling was it to play Bangladesh three times in a row? How could that produce close exciting cricket, the type that is needed to keep Test cricket to the fore. Granted the third instalment is against West Bangladesh and this side seems to have a better bowling attack but a much more fragile batting line-up than their eastern cousins. They also seem to have a wicketkeeper who would make Gerraint Jones look world class – which is strange because I am sure Kamran Akmal used to be quite good.

What on earth has happened to Pakistan? I can guess the real answer has something to do with their laughable cricket board. If ever there was a set of guys who the ECB could sit next to an (almost) guarantee to look competent it would be PCB officials. The PCB have a special kind of genius, unfortunately it is not for cricket but for the Lou Costello style of comedy. The trouble is it cannot be very funny for Pakistani supporters, or the hapless teams that have to play them.