Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Shaun Pollock

Shaun Pollock played his last day of Test cricket last Saturday. Pollock, along with Allan Donald, have been the two class-acts for South Africa since their reintroduction to international cricket. He has provided valiant service to South Africa both as strike bowler and captain.

As a bowler he took 421 test wickets at 23 apiece in 108 test matches – 8th on the all time list and the first South African. His accuracy and ability to move the ball in both directions made him the perfect foil for the quick and aggressive Donald. Pollock himself was quite quick although he has slowed a little over time.

Pollock is a much underrated lower order batsman who could get his runs quickly if needed. He made two test centuries and sixteen fifties, many of them at critical times for South Africa.

Pollock took over the South African captaincy after the Hansie Cronje debacle in 2000. He won 14 of 26 test matches.


jackchafer said...

Hi rob you sound intresting. In my opinion shaun polock wasn't under rated because when i watch South Africa and he is in. The commataters are allways saying how good he is

Rob said...

Yes, those South African commentators do tend to rave about their players.

jackchafer said...

Yeh but it isn't just those South Africa commentators that rave i here mike atherton and nissan parada (haussian)