Monday, 10 March 2008

Andrew Strauss

Andrew Strauss made a big impact when when he started to play test cricket, he almost had two hundreds on his test début. I have blogged about his reintroduction to the test team. I thought it may help to give some facts rather than shooting from the hip. The graph below shows Andrew's test career. The blue line is his average as it has progressed. The red line is a three match rolling average. This means that the last red point is the average of the Hamilton test and the previous two he played (against India).

His average has been on a slow decline before the 2005 Ashes and is nor just above 40. His three match average indicates that his average has been regularly below 30 and is also trending downwards. It looks like it is now or never for Stauss.

I intend to follow this post up with a few other players figures for comparison.

Andrew Strauss Test Career up to 10th March 2008


Ottayan said...

I had assumed that his average would have been below 30's.

Mahesh said...

Hey Rob, where did ya get the graph? or did you get bored and wrote an app to do it? I wont be suprised if you did it yourself.

How about Lara and Tendulkar?

And if you can put the test stats for Andrew Strauss and the rest, it will make it better!


Rob said...

I did it myself with Excel and the statguru from Cricinfo. Getting the data is easy -- its formatting that takes ages. Mind you ... I know how to do it now :)

Straight Point said...

nice work rob!!

looking fwd to more comparisons...