Thursday, 17 March 2011

After weeks of cricket...

After weeks of cricket, what have we learned about the teams playing in the ICC World Cup:

  1. Pre-tournament favourites India haven’t won a single significant game
  2. Australia haven’t played a significant game
  3. South Africa, for once, has a balanced-ish side
  4. Pakistan can beat anyone (we knew that)
  5. Pakistan can lost to anyone (we knew that)
  6. England are more unpredictable than Pakistan and couldn’t play in a dull match if they wanted

India has sunk pretty much out of sight as favourites for me. Take away Sehwag and Tendulkar and I suspect they wouldn’t have won any matches, let alone qualified for the quarter finals. South Africa look to have a balanced side but they also demonstrated against England that they are still world class chokers. Maybe they can get over that. It is difficult to know much about Australia they have hardly played a competitive game – if nothing else they must be fresh! Personally I think anybody could still win this tournament.

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