Monday, 1 August 2011

Ian Bell

Ian Bell has had his fair share of criticism on this blog. Some people didn’t like it, I am not sure why his form was terrible as can be clearly seen on his career graph above which resulted in his average dipping below forty in December 2009. Whatever it is that has happened since then has had a remarkable change in his form and statistics. His career average has gone from 38.9 at the end of 2009 to 47.58 today. In that time he has averaged a very impressive 84.6. His record this English summer is remarkable having made 566 runs at an average of 113. So may it continue.


Brian Carpenter said...

I think we had the odd difference of opinion about him, didn't we Rob? Not that I was completely convinced in early 2009 when I was desperate for him to be dropped!

The only real difference is that he now knows how good he is. There's a hint of a strut about him these days, and that's no bad thing.

One of the best batsmen in the world.

Sanath said...


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Mike said...

When Pietersen made 200 in Adelaide and Bell made 80-odd, it's Bell's cover driving that I will remember. On song, there are few batsmen I would rather watch. But yes, it has taken a few ups and downs for the Shermanator to find his groove.

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well Ian Bell has played some heroic innings and none of the cricketers are consistent forever.. he has played his part

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karann1986 said...

These things happens to players.. But it is really appreciating that how he made a come back.. I really like his Game of play.... He is immensely talented...
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