Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A sleeping giant stirs

The West Indies were beaten by England in the first Test at Lords. The margin of defeat was not a large one but the better side won in the end. That is the point – the better side won. So often when playing the West Indies the opposition hasn’t really had to try very hard. Over the past decade the West Indies have shown a general lack of commitment bordering on the amateur at times. They have been, no doubt, an embarrassment to their supporters. A push over. Not so at Lords, or from what I understand in the recent home series against Australia. The West Indies have fought. They have tried and it shows. They might not be winning games but they are starting to win hearts and that is the first step. Whatever Darren Sammy is saying to them is working. Long may it continue.


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Web Games said...

Where you will you admirers of West Indian Cricket will be there... This is one team whom every body wants to see win...

SL said...

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livescore said...

And now West Indies and England are in T20 match right now it is going on and i can predict that West Indies will win and black storm will raise again.

Cricket Online said...

And following on from that, hopefully the World T20 win will see the Windies get even stronger, and build on their successes, unlike some countries (well one in particular).