Wednesday, 7 January 2009

KP Resigns, Moores Sacked?

Kevin Pietersen has resigned as captain of England and it seems that Peter Moores will be sacked. What a sorry way to run a cricket team -- they are not even playing cricket at the moment!


Rob said...

Moores resigns too:

Mahesh said...

FFS. What is going on? To be told all this stemmed from the omission of Vaughn in the squad is just taking the piss.

Now, England will appoint Strauss as the captain I suppose. Bugger, never was a fan of him ... unless the persuade Colly. Devil and Deep Blue Sea I'm afraid.

Rob said...

I think the arguments have been there a while. The sackings/resignations are, I think, because they did it in public -- which is probably fair reason to sack them. A right mess.