Friday, 9 January 2009

Matthew Hayden

How could Australia replace an opening batsmen like Matthew Hayden? The simple answer is that they cannot and a look at the graph below reveals just why Cricket Australia has been reluctant to drop him. A truly remarkable record consisting of thirty centuries and twenty nine further scores of fifty or more. Twice he has scored hundreds in four consecutive Test matches and twice more he has scored centuries in both innings of a match. He also, of course, held the world record high score of 380 (marked in white).


Sanath said...


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Rob said...

I think we already do that.

Brian Carpenter said...

Where do you get these graphs, Rob?

This illustrates what Australia will have to replace, but, with his recent decline, I think England might have preferred to see him lining up against them in the summer rather than, say Phil Jacques, who knows plenty about scoring big runs in this country.

Rob said...

I make them with Excel :)

It's an interesting debate -- would you want to face an out of form Hayden, who has the potential to get back into form or a relative unknown. Australia have a few potentials but its difficult to see any getting near Hayden -- someone like Hayden comes along so infrequently.

When compiling the graph one this that did strike me was how few scores above 140 he made -- only two double centuries (although admittedly one was 380).

YellowMonkey said...

I think Hayden is a bit overrated to tell the truth and hasn't done so great against proper attacks