Monday, 9 March 2009

Referrals: a better system

I have a new system that the ICC could implement for umpire referrals: flip a coin – if it is heads the decision stands. This would have the following advantages:

1. It would be quicker, no more endless replays that show nothing conclusive
2. It could engage the crowd by having a slot machine on the big screen
3. Everyone would understand it
4. No need for arguments about technology
5. It wouldn’t undermine the umpire
6. It would be fairer than the current system

Six good reasons why a coin toss is better than the current system.


dannyhesford said...

I agree but that would work too well for the ICC!!

How about finding 2 good on field umpires (not Daryl Harper!) and trusting them. Thats worked pretty well for as long as I can remember.

The referral system is embarrassing for cricket and I can't imagine any other sport getting it so wrong. I hope they scrap it before our summer.

Rob said...

Russel Tiffin wasn't too hot either...

Mahesh said...

Scrap the whole system, have the umpires trained properly and monitor them strictly. Try and get ex-players as umpires. Then, what they say on the pitch goes. End of.