Saturday, 28 March 2009

Kevin is that unhappy away from 'home' he is going to South Africa

So Kevin Pietersen is really unhappy and wants to go home. Life is really tough having to spend time in the sunny West Indies and play the occasional game of cricket. Funnily enough he seemed perfectly happy until the IPL was moved and his obligations to England mean he will not be able to play as many IPL games and hence make as much money. Maybe this is the real reason he is unhappy. I am guessing this alleged unhappiness will play out in him spending more time in South Africa making money and less time with England...


cricketanalysisdotcom said...

Maybe it's about the money, or maybe it's just that he's sick of getting tied in with a bunch of chumps and getting embarrassed against the 7th best team.

Rob said...

to be fair to the chumps... KP is not really doing much better.

Thomas Rooney said...

KP doesn't enjoy being in a losing side. Then again, who does? He will be back to his best soon.

He has played almost every game over the last few years and is bound to be tired.

It's just the way that he told anyone about it which was wrong and ill timed.

Top site by the way. Really enjoy reading it.

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