Tuesday, 23 December 2008

England 2008 Test batting averages

Name M Runs Avge HS 100s 50s
A J Strauss12972 48.6017743
A N Cook12758 36.097608
I R Bell12676 37.5519922
K P Pietersen121015 50.7515251
P D Collingwood11636 39.7513524
M P Vaughan9363 24.2010611

It is fairly obvious from the figures above that only Pietersen and Strauss have been worth their place in the side. KP has made as many centuries as Bell, Cook, Collingwood and Vaughan. The others have been carried and it has been obvious the whole year. With current selection policy there is no reason to believe this will change. For example, Vaughan is rumoured to be a certainty for the tour to the West Indies...


Mahesh said...

I had a look at the test batting stats. No one apart from KP got more than 1000 runs apart from South African and Indian batsmen. No Australian. Pointing made about 982 IIRC. When did you last see that?

ECB's selection is worse than India's, where every region has a "quota" or whatever. In ECB, it's simply jobs for the boys. How Vaughn is still in the squad is baffling. Colly? Cook? Even though Strauss made 4 tons, I will not have him in my team.

Rob said...

Peter Moores said after the second test

"Bell is a young player still learning".

Huh? No he isnt, he is a poor player in decline.