Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Test cricket returns

Two test series start on Thursday and hopefully both will be competitive. Cricket needs them to be true matches because we have just seen a couple of trouncing. South Africa took Bangladesh to the sacrificial altar. New Zealand was disappointing, even by their low standards, against Australia, a side they were never likely to beat.

New Zealand is hosting two tests against West Indies. The West Indies have been the whipping boys of tests for a while and have not won a series away since, erm, well let’s just say it has been a while. This must be their best chance for a while; they have some genuinely good players that are capable of beating New Zealand quite easily. The West Indies are, however, perfectly capable of beating themselves and we should not underestimate their ability to ruin a good chance. Personally I hope West Indies win; world cricket needs a successful West Indies side.

A few hours after the test in New Zealand starts the much talked about series between India and England begins in Chennai. The omens do not look good for England; they were dismantled in the ODI series and have not had their mind on cricket for a while. In addition England’s batsman have rarely impressed in Asia and India have a good bowling attack. However, India’s run up to the test match is also far from ideal. In addition there is rain about and the pitch may be underprepared because of it. A bad pitch usually evens a contest and I am not sure India’s batsmen will enjoy Flintoff or Harmison on a dodgy surface. Hopefully it will be a close series – let hope the Indians come to the ground and watch, or it may sound like an England home game.


YellowMonkey said...

I'm interested in how Harbhajan performs throughout the series now that he is the No. 1 spinner with no Kumble.

He has a poor overseas record and will need to improve it if India can be competitive overseas.

I feel that he does better when there is more a of a burden/pressure on him. He has been a lot more successful when Kumble is not around and when there are four rather than five bowlers.

And of course, when there is controversy


Also, I think Yuvraj should be ok. Sure his technique is not great and he doesn't play quality spin that well, but there's no M&M or a left arm wrist-spinner.

He did poorly in Australia but that was in Tests and ODI. It wasn't as though he was in good ODI form and still couldn't get anything in Tests. His fielding in Aus also indicated he wasn't on the job, either because of attitude or lack of confidence.

Mahesh said...

161-1 to 229-5??

Strauss had a decent innings from what I heard on the radio. Colly was unlucky, the ball was no where near his bat! What the heck was KP doing with a shot like that?

If the Indian spinners warp England under 350 and have a decent day with the bat, then England are in trouble! We shall see, Freddie is still there ...

Rob said...

350, blimey Mahesh you are optimistic. A classic England performance. Good start, get bogged down, 230-5, 300 all out.

Mahesh said...

Hey Rob, India are doing an "England" :) FFS.

Rob said...

Cannot you guys play donkey-drop spinners?

Tendulkar looked sick getting out to that loosener.