Monday, 8 December 2008

England's Indian Aventure II

The England Test side have now arrived in India. I previously called for them to stand up and be counted and show some courage. The full strength squad all decided to go to India and so it seems only fitting to congratulate them on showing ‘the right stuff’ in deciding to go. I for one think more of the players for going and I hope the Indian fans appreciate it too.

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Mahesh said...

Absolutely. Fair play to the English team,coaches and management, a "collective" decision no less.

Hope the games are as good as build up. Good luck to both teams :)

Chennai - what a time to play. The Carnatic [South Indian Classical] Music season has just started. We are talking about 30 odd concerts a *day* not counting the lec-dems, discussions etc with people all over the world coming. The weather ain't that bad either, if it doesn't rain, it should be fantastic to play cricket.