Monday, 6 April 2009

Sammy's 'catch'

Darren Sammy is a cheat. He grassed a difficult catch in the last ODI but came up from it and claimed Kevin Pietersen’s wicket. Pretty poor really. Happily the West Indies lost and quite rightly so after such a display of cheating. What I cannot figure is:

  • Why there was no referral system for the ODIs
  • How Sammy thought he was going to get away without anyone knowing
  • Why there hasn’t been that much fuss made

Had Ricky Ponting or Rahul Dravid grassed the catch there would have been howls of people calling for their banning. Sammy however seems to have largely gotten away with it.


dannyhesford said...

There is nothing that annoys me more than someone who blatently cheats.

I wouldn't have got away with that playing for Micklehurst never mind at International level with cameras all over the ground.

There is no way that he didn't know what had happened. In cases as blatent as this the player should receive a ban. The same goes with blatent cases of diving in football.

In fact I would make him wear the word CHEAT instead of his name on his back for his next game, but perhaps this is a little bit over the top!!!

maza786 said...

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Rob said...

Maybe the next few times Sammy bats he can be out 'one bounce one hand'.

Anonymous said...

soooooooo, i guess Strauss will be receiving a "CHEAT" top now??