Thursday, 7 May 2009

A bit early in the season for lethargy

The West Indies are playing one day cricket at Lords. To be more specific they are playing two session cricket and those two sessions happened yesterday. After tea yesterday the real West Indies side turned up and took over from the over-achievers that have been masquerading as the Windies all year. Only the noble Fidel was not replaced. What a shower they are. Cannot field or catch. Cannot bat either it seems. This is not that surprising, it is the West Indies after all and it is also early May in England, a time-of-the-year dedicated to making visiting sides feel home-sick. A time when Englishmen say things like “isn’t it supposed to be warm in May?” However that is irrelevant because of all the things in the West Indies side power, trying is one of them! They are not trying even a little. They look like they do not want to be there; at all. Wake up Windies, you are at Lords in a test match and if things don’t improve you will be beaten by lunch on the third day.


Mahesh said...

Some commented on the BBC coverage.

"I've heard of this flu before. As in Swann flu over the Cuckoo's nest."


Rob said...

Michael Holding on the first day:

"This West Indies side could go on holiday with no fear -- they have no chance of catching anything"

Mahesh said...

Ha, I haven't event watched the highlights, thanks to fucking Sky.

Did England really play that well or were WI just pathetic?

To be fair, this time in England, any away team [especially from sunny countries] will suffer.

Rob said...

Bit of both I think. The Windies were terrible yesterday and England mugged them. Its moving and swinging so they never really had a chance -- but if they had caught their catches it would have been much closer.

Wicket looks quite good now though.