Thursday, 21 May 2009

Shoaib doesn't have the balls for the T20

You cannot make this stuff up:

"The medical board has reported that Shoaib Akhtar was suffering from genital viral warts and the wound needs further care and treatment for another 10 days," the PCB said in a statement."

Why wouldn't they just say 'he has a skin problem' or, well, anything other than 'genital viral wart'. Of course if he was a UK MP he could get it fixed privately and claim back the expenses.


Mahesh said...

Genital Viral Wart ?

I haven't spilt beer over a joke in a while and I missed the news. Cheers Rob.

BWAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! The PCB finally realised he was one? BWAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

Good cricketer thought. He just pushed it too far being a arsehole.
Good riddance of bad shit.

Now say AMEN :D

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