Sunday, 10 May 2009

Ian Bell

Just when I thought some sense had been knocked into the England selectors they do this: recall Ian Bell. The justification is that he has been in early season form, which is true he has had scores of 172 and 108. However it is worth remembering that:
  1. Only one of those scores was a first class century (the 108 was in a Friends Provident match)
  2. Bell’s second century was made on April 19 which is well before the squad for the first test was announced so why would they suddenly make a difference for the second test?
  3. Ian Bell’s first class scores this season are: 12, 172, 13*, 29, 27, 37, 30*. As you can see he is right back in form...

Ian Bell was dropped in the West Indies from the number three position. Dropping a number three is a decision that should not be taken lightly: it is in some way the most important position in the batting line up. To drop a number three and then reselect him for what is clearly no good reason shows the selectors up to be badly flawed. There seems to be something going on here that does not include ‘picking the best player’.


GoodCricketWicket said...

The only justification I can see for recalling Bell would be that they plan to drop a bowler (Bresnan?) for Durham and play six batsmen. Otherwise, there is no point. So much for the new broom.

I suspect what is going on is that they are panicking that the Ashes is just round the corner, and hedging their bets.

Tarun said...

Ian Bell, well if he can sort out his game against spin and pace bowling he will do well.

How was he selected in the first place, he is the most incomplete batsmen ever to dawn cricketing whites.

Jackie said...

Why does Ian Bell attract such spleen as "he is the most incomplete batsmen" etc? By the way I think the word is "don" cricket whites. The word means put on as in wear. I wonder how Bell won the ICC Emerging Cricketer of the Year 2006 and Wisden Cricketer of the Year 2008?

The No 3 spot might not be his spot but he averages 56 at No 5, 47 at No 4 and 49 at No 6.

I think he was wrongly dropped in 2009 and should have been moved back down the order. Shah and Bopara have proved far worst players and also struggled in the 3 spot so far.

So good sense in recalling Bell to resume his international career. He needs to be backed by England supporters.