Saturday, 18 July 2009

Ashes U-turn

I have learned a new trick. If you stand on your head so all the blood rushes to your head, although I suspect just hanging off something upside will do. Once in the position, if you take a pair of binoculars and whilst shaking slightly them look at a monitor showing the 2nd Ashes Test score, then it looks like England are winning. Weird eh?

What on earth happened between Cardiff and Lords? Did the Australians get replaced by imposters? Did England have ‘backbone’ injections? The one that really puzzles me is Mitchell Johnson. His form in Cardiff was not good by his standards but his performances at Lords have been poor to plain rubbish. Anyone that saw Mitch bowl against South Africa last winter know he is capable of exceptional performances – so what happened?

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Christopher Poshin David said...

The same thing that happened in India when the Aussies toured it is happeneng in England.

After domnating the 1st test they lost in the rest...and I pray the same repeats...


Just hope Flinty gets a good farewell from his team after all he has done.