Wednesday, 22 July 2009

England suffer double Ashes blow

England’s Ashes were dealt a double blow today: Kevin Pietersen underwent surgery and is therefore out of the 2009 Ashes and, even more worryingly, Ian Bell has been given his place!

Losing Kevin Pietersen is a huge blow. Anyone who suggests otherwise is either lying or stupid (cue England management multi-choice options). Pietersen is by far the best batsman in the England side. He may not have made many at Lords but his mere presence is a lift and when he does get into his stride he can change a game in a couple of hours.

Gaining Ian bell is a huge blow. The Shermanator oozes indecision and a lack of confidence. How on earth can this guy be next in line? Its a disgrace. I might start to support Australia.


Mahesh said...

Who else then Rob? Much as I hate to say it, Bell it is :)

Promote Bell up to number 3, Colly 4 and Bopara 5. If KP had been fit I'd have dropped Bopara. Man he was not playing well at all. He looked like a poor man's Bell :)

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Rob said...

In a way it doesn't matter who, the point is that they have gone 'back' to a failed player. What is the point of that? He hasn't done anything to get his place back. There are plenty of players out there and none of them are getting a chance.

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