Monday, 20 July 2009

Ricky Ponting

I think there is a lot to like about Ricky Ponting. He is one of the best Australian batsmen ever, possibly the best since Bradman. He is a brilliant fielder – certainly in the top five of all time. At post match interviews Ricky often gives his players and the opposition a lot of credit, quite often giving the most honest of reports. His interview with Michael Atherton at the end of the Lords’ Test was a good example. He eloquently spoke about the game, England, Flintoff and Australia’s efforts and put to bed any question of unfortunate umpiring. He was applauded by the English crowd. So why don’t people like him? I think the problem is that he makes lots of contentious comments before, during and after a match. He is constantly sniping as if he somehow believes that matches are won in the newspapers rather than on the cricket pitch. People remember his barbed comments more than his brilliant batsmanship and it riles them. We want cricketers to be heroes and not actors in a soap opera. Give it a rest Ricky, we will like you more for it.


Samir Chopra said...

Well said. I love watching Ponting bat and field; but I intensely dislike reading anything he has to say to the press.

Brian Carpenter said...

I think people will like him more after Lord's. but then I think he's misjudged a bit anyway and the Cardiff 'controversy' was blown up by the media.

Vic Marks put forward the idea on TMS over the weekend that English fans always need an Aussie 'hate figure' (using 'hate' very loosely, of course) and everyone else in the side is simply too nice and/or too conventional.

Something in that, I think.